Trading hours

The trading hours of shops in Queensland are regulated by the Trading (Allowable Hours) Act 1990 and supported by the Trading (Allowable Hours) Regulation 2014.

Shop trading hours in Queensland are dependent upon the type of shop.  The Trading (Allowable Hours) Act 1990 outlines two main categories of shops:

Exempt Shops

These shops have unrestricted trading hours.  Independent retail shops are generally classed as exempt shops, however there are limitations on the number of staff working in these shops.

Shops operating within a specified area for an event which is declared to be a 'special event' are, for the declared period, exempt shops and may trade for the entirety of the period.

For more information on exempt shops, please see below under the heading 'Exempt Shops'.

Non- exempt Shops

These shops include large retailers including supermarkets and department stores (for example, Coles, Woolworths, Myers, David Jones).

Hours of trade may also be restricted by other regulations.  Licensed premises must comply with the Liquor Act 1992 and the Wine Industry Act 1994.

Special trading hours also apply to public holidays such as Anzac Day, Easter, Labour Day and Christmas Day.

For specific information regarding trading hours in Queensland, including public holidays, please contact the Industrial Relations Infoline on 07 3406 9999.

Trading hours
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