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The Industrial Court of Queensland, the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission and the Office of the Industrial Registrar is pleased to advise the appointment of new members to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission - Industrial Commissioner John Dwyer, Industrial Commissioner Catherine Hartigan, Industrial Commissioner Jacqueline Power and Industrial Commissioner Roslyn McLennan.

State Wage Case 2019 - Applications have been filed with the Industrial Registrar seeking a General Ruling pursuant to s. 458 of the Industrial Relations Act 2016 in regard to wages and allowance adjustments for award employees and an adjustment to the Queensland Minimum Wage as it applies to all employees.

Codes of conduct - Section 436 of the Industrial Relations Act 2016 provides that the President is, among other things, to develop a code of conduct for Members of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission; and persons appearing before the QIRC.  This code can be viewed here.

Historical Decisions Database, formerly IRIS - The IRIS database is no longer supported on this website. The Commission is working with the Supreme Court Library of Queensland to transition decisions within IRIS (1990 through to 2009) to the Supreme Court Library. Additionally, this website maintains a ten year history of awards and agreements. Awards falling outside of the ten year window will be digitally archived by the Registry. Documents can be accessed upon request and free of charge if they are supplied to you in a digital format.



On 31 July 2019 a Notice of a WHS dispute was filed by Brisbane Container Terminals Pty Ltd.

On 31 May 2019 a Notice of a WHS dispute was filed by the Australian Rail, Tram and Bus Industry Union of Employees, Queensland Branch.

Notice of hearing - Office of the Information Commissioner Certified Agreement 2018 (CB/2019/69) - 4 September 2019

Notice of hearing - Torres Shire Council Certified Agreement 2019 (CB/2019/71) - 6 September 2019


Last updated 26 August 2019