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Hearing Lists

The following lists contain the schedules for what is happening at the Industrial Court of Queensland and the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

Daily hearing list

The daily hearing list for the next business day will be updated by 5:00 p.m.

Daily hearing list
Weekly hearing list

The weekly hearing list will be updated by 5:00 p.m each Friday.

Weekly hearing list
New matters filed list

The new matters filed list is a weekly summary of all new matters which have been filed with the Industrial Registry.

Matters filed list week ending 15/01/21
Matters filed list week ending 08/01/21
Matters filed list week ending 25/12/20
Matters filed list week ending 18/12/20
Industrial Court of Queensland scheduled sitting weeks

The Industrial Court of Queensland sits for scheduled periods throughout the year. The currently scheduled sitting weeks are found below.

Week commencing 30 November 2020
Week commencing 1 February 2021
Week commencing 8 March 2021
Week commencing 31 May 2021
Week commencing 7 June 2021

Last updated 18 January 2021