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The Industrial Court of Queensland

The Industrial Court of Queensland (ICQ) is a superior court of record. The Industrial Court hears appeals on error of law or lack or excess of jurisdiction against decisions of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (the Commission), Industrial Registrar or Industrial Magistrates.

Members of the Court are:

President The Hon. Justice Peter Davis
Vice President Vice President Daniel L. O'Connor OAM
Deputy President Deputy President John W. Merrell

The President of the Court is also President of the Commission. The President may preside on a Full Bench of the Commission and, for certain matters, the Full Bench must include the President.

An appeal against a decision of a Full Bench which included the President lies to the Queensland Court of Appeal.


The Queensland Industrial Relations Commission


The Commission is an independent tribunal established to conciliate and arbitrate industrial matters in the State of Queensland. It is a court of record. Under current legislation, it derives its powers and functions from Chapter 11, Part 2 of the Industrial Relations Act 2016. The Commission plays a major role in contributing to the social and economic well-being of Queenslanders through furthering the objects of the Industrial Relations Act 2016 which are principally to provide a framework for industrial relations that supports economic prosperity and social justice.

Members of the Commission are the President, the Vice President, Deputy President and other Industrial Commissioners.

Members of the Commission are:

President The Hon. Justice Peter Davis
Vice President Vice President Daniel L. O'Connor OAM
Deputy Presidents Deputy President John W. Merrell


Industrial Commissioner Minna L. Knight
Industrial Commissioner Samantha C. Pidgeon
Industrial Commissioner John C. Dwyer
Industrial Commissioner Catherine M. Hartigan
Industrial Commissioner Jacqueline M. Power
Industrial Commissioner Roslyn D. H. McLennan

The President is responsible for administration of the Commission and Registry, including allocation of matters, establishing industry panels for disputes, approving references to a Full Bench, and general conduct of Commission business.

Functions of the Commission

The Commission has powers and functions under various enactments:

The Industrial Registry

The Registry provides administrative support to the Industrial Court of Queensland and the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission. Applications in the prescribed form in relation to matters to be dealt with by the Court, Commission or Registrar are filed in the Registry.

The Registry also plays an important role in administering the provisions of the Industrial Relations Act 2016 which govern the affairs of industrial organisations - their financial accountability and annual returns, applications to change their rules or requests for elections.

Registry staff cannot provide advice or comment on the merits of an application.

Business hours

Counter enquiries: 8.30am to 4.45pm (local time) Monday to Friday.

*Registry services are not available on public holidays.

Last updated 16 September 2021