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The Industrial Registry offers a number of services to assist parties with their matters before the Industrial Court of Queensland and the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

If you need any further information about the services listed below, or would like the Industrial Registry to organise a service for a matter, please contact us.

Order a transcript

Hearings before the Court or Commission are recorded by Auscript Australasia Pty Ltd who provide recording and transcription services to the QIRC.

Under the Recording of Evidence Regulation 2018 a party to a proceeding, or their legal representative or agent, is entitled to one free electronic version of the transcript.  The Industrial Registry is responsible for the management of this provision.

To access this entitlement parties are asked to complete the below Transcript Request Form and submit it to the registry via the Transcripts mailbox.

Please note: A separate request form is required for each proceeding.

To order a transcript:

Auscript owns the copyright of transcripts. Hard copies of transcripts can be obtained from Auscript at a cost. 

If you are not a party to the matter or a party's representative, further information on obtaining transcripts can be found on the Auscript website or by telephoning 1800 287 274.

Search and copy request

Notice of Industrial Relations (Tribunals) Rules 2011 fee amount increase effective 1 July 2022.

A party to a proceeding or a non-party may make a request for the search and copy of a file or filed documents.

Should you wish to make a request please complete the Search and Copy request form and submit via email to qirc.registry [at]

All requests will be subject to the approval of the Industrial Registrar.

In accordance with schedule 1 of the Industrial Relations (Tribunal) Rules 2011 there are fees that are payable for the inspection of a file, and also for obtaining photocopies of filed documents. This fee can be paid by cash, cheque, BPoint or direct deposit.  For more information please refer to page 3 of the Search and copy Request form.

For any other information please contact the registry on 1300592987 or qirc.registry [at] 

Litigation Searches

A litigation search provides the requestor with a certificate of the Queensland Industrial Court, and Queensland Industrial Relations Commission stating whether the name or names searched for are named in any current, or past proceedings.

Please note however that searches are limited to the last five years.  For more information please refer to the Terms & Conditions of the Request form.  As of 1 April 2021, it is a requirement for requestors to complete the below form.

Litigation Search Request Form

In accordance with rule 228 of the Industrial Relations (Tribunal) Rules 2011 searches are subject to fees.


  • Once the form has been completed please email it to qirc.registry [at] 
  • An invoice will be issued outlining the methods of payment.
  • Once the invoice has been satisfied a certificate will be issued from the Registry stating the results of the search.
Hearing Amplification Equipment

Do you find it hard to hear in a courtroom or do you use a hearing aid? The Commission uses an infrared assistive hearing system to assist people who are hard of hearing. This is similar to a hearing loop, but ensures the information stays within the conference/court room. This system may be used by parties, witnesses, legal professional, support persons etc.

Should you wish to utilise this system, please complete the Request for hearing amplification form. This form should be forwarded to the Industrial Registry prior to the day of the proceedings.

For any other information please contact the registry on 1300592987 or qirc.registry [at]

Court security

Understanding the nature of threats to the process of justice depends upon information. Identifying those who may have an intention to do harm or disrupt court proceedings and assessing their capability to do so provides the information necessary to measure the risks posed by those circumstances.

Lawyers, government agencies and volunteer and support groups are encouraged to use the court security information report form to advise Queensland Industrial Relations Commission of instances whereby they become aware of a court security concern, risk or threat, and/or whereby additional security measures are being sought for court or commission matters. Details about where to email the completed form are included in the top section of the form.

Court technology

Last updated 23 June 2022