The Industrial Registry for the Industrial Court of Queensland and the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission is committed to a positive complaints management system and process to manage complaints fairly, confidentially, effectively and efficiently.

The Industrial Registry aims to provide a complainant with access to a fair, accountable, transparent and responsive complaints management process.  The Industrial Registry welcomes feedback and complaints to continually improve processes and service delivery.

The Complaints Management System Policy 2023, the Complaints Management System Procedure, and the Complaints Management System Framework of the Industrial Registry have been produced in accordance with the requirements of the Public Sector Act 2022 and the Human Rights Act 2019. They address the key guiding principles of the Australian Standard – Guidelines for complaint management in organisations (AS 10002:2022) and outlines the process with regards to making a complaint in relation to the Industrial Registry. They also align with the Queensland Public Service Complaint Management Framework and Guideline.

How to make a complaint

Complaints may be made verbally (in person or over the phone), or in writing (email or post) by a complainant or another authorised person on behalf of a complainant. Complaints may also be made anonymously.

You may wish to use this form to lodge a written complaint - Complaints Form.

Before lodging a complaint, please refer to the Complaints Management System Policy 2023 to determine whether your complaint falls within the scope of complaints able to be assessed and investigated by the Industrial Registry.

The Industrial Registry may refuse to investigate a complaint if it is seen to be abusive, trivial, unreasonable or misleading.

The options with regards to internal and external reviews are also outlined in the policy.

You may wish to use this form to request an internal review - Request for Internal Review Form.

Personal information is handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009. Information regarding our privacy policy is available on the website - Privacy | Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

What you can complain about (within scope)

The Industrial Registry can accept complaints about:

  • Service – such as the timeliness or quality of the service provided;
  • Behaviour/conduct – involving the behaviour or conduct of a staff member of the Industrial Registry;
  • Administrative decision – regarding an administrative decision or recommendation made or failed to be made; and
  • Process – the process (policy or procedure) followed in the provision of a service.
Out of scope

The Industrial Registry is unable to accept complaints in relation to Members or Associates of the Court or Commission, including decisions made in a proceeding by a Member or the Industrial Registrar. There are appeal procedures in place should you be dissatisfied with a decision made in a proceeding.

Furthermore, the following issues fall outside of the scope of the policy:

Need more information?

To lodge a complaint in relation to the Industrial Registry, or for further information, please contact the Industrial Registry as follows:

By phone:

1300 592 987

By email:
By post:

Industrial Registrar
Industrial Registry
GPO Box 373

In person: Level 21, Central Plaza 2
66 Eagle Street (Cnr Elizabeth and Creek Streets)
Translating and interpreting services

The Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) is available for complainants who are unable to speak or write in English. They are available on phone 131 450.

The National Relay Service is available for complainants with hearing or vision impairments. Contact details are as follows:

NRS Chat:
SMS Relay: 0423 677 767
Voice Relay: 1300 555 727
TTY (Speak/Type and Read): 133 677
TTY (Type and Listen): 1800 555 677
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