Industrial matters

The Industrial Relations Act 2016 defines an 'industrial matter' as one which affects or relates to:

  • work done, or to be done;
  • the privileges, rights or functions of employers and employees; or
  • a matter the Court or Commission considers a contributing cause of an industrial action or industrial dispute.

Schedule 1 of the Act outlines a comprehensive list of what may be considered an industrial matter and includes things such as:

  • wages, allowances, leave and entitlements;
  • hours of work;
  • employment conditions;
  • sexual harassment or sex or gender-based harassment of an employee in the workplace or otherwise in the course of the employee's employment;
  • interpretation and enforcement of industrial instruments (e.g. Awards or agreements); and
  • other disagreements in the workplace between employers and employees.

Depending on the circumstances, parties may seek the assistance of the Commission to resolve any issues relating to industrial matters by way of:

  • a notification of an industrial dispute;
  • a general protections application; or
  • an applications for assistance with regards to collective bargaining.
Industrial dispute
General protections
Collective bargaining
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