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Awards are types of industrial instruments. Industrial instruments set the standards of employment for the group of workers which they cover.

Awards are read in conjunction with the related certified agreement – you can find all certified agreements published by the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission here.

Details of all modern awards are available here.

All decisions and rulings relating to previous state wage cases are available here.

Historical award information for the past 10 years are available here. If you require information prior to 2009, please submit a request to qirc.registry [at]

Which award am I covered by?

We are unable to tell you which award you are covered by. To find out which award you are covered by you may wish to contact Information Services, Office of Industrial Relations on phone 3406 9999 or alternatively the human resource division of your employer.

Generally, awards set out:

  • dispute resolution procedures
  • rates of pay
  • allowances
  • role classifications
  • hours of work
  • place of work and travel
  • leave entitlements
  • workplace flexibility schemes
  • other topics specific to particular categories of employee or industry.
    What role does the Commission play in making awards?

    The Commission makes, or determines, awards for people employed in the Queensland government public sector, local government, and certain statutory authorities or government owned corporations.

    Before the Commission makes an award it must be satisfied that the parties agree with the content of the proposed award and that it is compliant with the Industrial Relations Act 2016.

    Chapters 3 and 4 of the Industrial Relations Act 2016 govern the way in which industrial instruments are made.

    Last updated 08 June 2021