Wage recovery and long service leave

The Commission has jurisdiction to hear matters involving the payment of unpaid wages, superannuation contributions, or other types of leave entitlements.

The Commission is also responsible for the conciliation of Fair Work claims. Should a Fair Work Claim proceed to hearing, it will be heard in the Industrial Magistrates Court.

For further, more detailed, information regarding wage recovery, a Benchbook is available - Wage Recovery Processes in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission, Industrial Magistrates Court of Queensland, and Magistrates Court of Queensland.

Fair Work Claims
Unpaid wages (Commission)
Unpaid Amount Claim (Industrial Magistrates Court)
Employment claims (Magistrates Court)

To make an employment claim or to obtain further information, visit the Magistrates Court website.

Payment instead of taking long service leave
Proportionate payment (pro-rata) of long service leave on termination of employment
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