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Practice Directions

Practice Directions are utilised by the Industrial Court of Queensland and the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission to further assist persons or parties in their administrative dealings with the Commission.

Pursuant to rule 92 of the Industrial Relations (Tribunals) Rules 2011, the following Practice Directions have been issued for the guidance of parties to any proceedings.

Practice Directions

PD 1 of 2021 - Repeal of Practice Notes

PD 2 of 2021 - Approval to Engage in Protected Industrial Action

PD 3 of 2021 - Electronic Filing and Hard Copies of Documents

PD 4 of 2021 - General Protections

PD 5 of 2021 - Electronic Devices in Courtrooms

PD 6 of 2021 - Citation of Authority

PD 7 of 2021 - Industrial Court of Queensland Robing

PD 8 of 2021 - Taking Evidence by Telephone or Video Link (Download the application for a video link form.)

PD 9 of 2021 - Questions Referred by the Court or Commission pursuant to the Human Rights Act 2019 (QLD)

PD 10 of 2021 - Interpreters

PD 1 of 2022 - Repeal of PD 11 OF 2021

Codes of conduct

The President has developed a code of conduct for Members of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission and persons appearing before the QIRC as per the requirement of Section 436 of the Industrial Relations Act 2016.

Last updated 18 July 2022