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Appeal to the Industrial Court

Appeal to the Industrial Court

If you are aggrieved by a decision of the Industrial Magistrate's Court or the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission then you may appeal it to the Industrial Court of Queensland.

Division 2 of Part 6 of Chapter 11 of the Industrial Relations Act 2016 covers appeals to the Industrial Court from decisions of the Commission.

Grounds of appeal

Appeals may be made on the ground of:

  • an error of law
  • an excess, or want, of jurisdiction
  • a ground other than an error of law or an excess or want of jurisdiction with the leave of the Court.
How to file an appeal

If you do wish to make an application to appeal to the Industrial Court then you must complete the appropriate form:

Form 2A - General Application to Industrial Court of Queensland
Form 5 - Application to appeal

Last updated 01 March 2021