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Self Represented Litigants

If you are representing yourself in a hearing or conference before the Industrial Court or Commission, please refer to the "Fact Sheet - Tips for the Self Represented Litigant".

Can I be represented by a lawyer or agent?

Yes. However, there are restrictions placed on when you can be represented by a lawyer. You can also represent yourself. Parties are often represented by lawyers, an agent or industrial advocate, or an officer of a union.

If you wish to be represented by an advocate, agent or industrial organisation, your representative will need to complete a Form 33 - Notice of appointment of agent.

Legal Representation

In most instances, parties may be represented by a lawyer only if:

  • all parties consent; or
  • the Court or Commission gives leave.

However, in relation to public service appeals, a party may not be legally represented.

Further information regarding representation can be found at sections 529, 530 and 530A of the Industrial Relations Act 2016.

Do I need representation?

Representation is not compulsory, and it is up to you to decide if you wish to be represented. 

Who would you recommend as a lawyer or industrial advocate?

Because the Commission is impartial, it is unable to make recommendations regarding representation. You may, however, be able to obtain some advice and resources through the following services:

What is the role of the Commission?

The Commission is an independent tribunal. It plays a major role in contributing to the social and economic wellbeing of people throughout Queensland.  It provides a framework for industrial relations that is fair and balanced and supports the delivery of high-quality services, economic prosperity and social justice for Queenslanders.

The Commission facilitates the resolution of work-related matters which exist between parties, either by assisting them in conciliation, or by hearing and deciding issues. The Commission also exercises administrative functions in relation to keeping and maintaining awards and certified agreements.

Does the Commission represent me?

No. Because the Commission is an independent tribunal, it is unable to represent parties or provide any legal advice to parties.

Does the Commission help me during the hearing?

No. During a hearing, the Commission's role is to hear from all of the parties and decide the matter. The Commission may assist only so far as to information regarding the process.

What is the Industrial Registry?

The Industrial Registry provides high level administrative support to the Court, Commission and Industrial Registrar.

All applications, appeals, forms, documents and material for Court and Commission matters are filed and processed in the Industrial Registry.

Last updated 23 February 2022