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General Rulings and Statements of Policy

An important tool for regulation of industrial matters and employment conditions by the Full Bench is the jurisdiction to issue general rulings and statements of policy.

In making any such determination s. 447 (2) of the Industrial Relations Act 2016 (previously s. 273 (2) of the Industrial Relations Act 1999) requires that the Full Bench perform its functions in a way that furthers the objects of the Act. Section 531 of the Act (previously s. 320 of the Industrial Relations Act 1999) requires the Full Bench to consider the public interest. In so doing the Full Bench must consider the objects of the Act and the likely effects of any decision on the “community, local community, economy, industry generally and the particular industry concerned.”

Below are important decisions of public interest that have been made by the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

To view these PDF documents, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here for free download.

Note: Please click here to view all previous State Wage Case general rulings and statements of policy.

2010 Increase Overtime Meal Allowance

Decision [PDF 33kB] | General Ruling [PDF 11kB]

Application to increase overtime meal allowance by way of General Ruling.
2 December 2010. (B/2010/34, B/2010/38). Operative from 1 January 2011.
Deputy President Swan, Commissioner Fisher and Commissioner Thompson.

2005 Jury Service

Decision [PDF 118kB] | General Ruling [PDF 106kB] | Amendment [PDF 144kB]

Application for Declaration of a General Ruling – Make-up pay for employees on jury service – Decision in principle released 1 September 2005 – Parties directed to confer – Declaration of General Ruling effective 15 September 2005.
14 September 2005 (B/2003/785)
Deputy President Bloomfield, Commissioner Brown, Commissioner Asbury.

2004 Occupational Superannuation

Decision [PDF 26kB] | General Ruling [PDF 49kB] | Statement of Policy [PDF 41kB] | Award Amendments [PDF183kB]

Application to increase Occupational Superannuation contributions for award employees by way of General Ruling.
17 December (B1385 and B1433 of 2004)
Vice President Linnane, Deputy President Swan and Deputy President Bloomfield.

2004 Increase Meal Allowance

Decision [PDF 16kB] | General Ruling [PDF 10kB]

Application to increase meal allowance by way of General Ruling.
18th June 2004. (B584 of 2004, B682 of 2004). Operative from 1 July 2004.
Deputy President Bloomfield, Commissioner Brown and Commissioner Thompson.

2003 Termination, Change and Redundancy Clause

Statement of Policy [PDF 129kB] | Decision [PDF 160kB]

Application to seek a Statement of Policy to include termination of employment, introduction of changes and redundancy clauses in awards by application and amendment. Operative from 1 December 2003
29 October 2003 (B209 of 2002 and B308 of 2002)
Vice-President Linnane, Deputy President Bloomfield and Commissioner Blades.

2002 Equal Remuneration Principle

Statement of Policy [PDF 12kB]

10 May 2002. (B450 of 2002)
Vice-President Linnane, Commissioner Swan & Commissioner Brown

2001 Casual Loading Increase

Decision [PDF 64kB] | General Ruling [PDF 7kB]

Application to increase casual loading by way of General Ruling
3rd April 2001. (B1346 of 1999, B1351 of 1999 and B377 of 2000)
Commissioner Bechly, Commissioner Swan & Commissioner Brown.

2001 Increase Entitlements to Long Service Leave

General Ruling [PDF 10kB]

Application to increase entitlements to Long Service Leave by way of General Ruling
27th April 2001. (B1404 of 1999)
President Hall, Commissioner Baldwin & Commissioner Brown.

2000 Union Encouragement Provisions

Statement of Policy [PDF 18kB] | Decision [PDF 28kB]

Application for General Ruling and Statement of Policy re Union Encouragement Provisions
1st November 2000. (B879 of 1999 and B1049 of 1999)
Commissioner Fisher, Commissioner Bechly & Commissioner Swan.

2000 Increase Shift Allowance

Decision [PDF 51kB]

Application to replace flat rate for shift work with percentage allowance by way of General Ruling.
5th May 2000. (B1206 of 1999)
Vice-President Linnane, Commissioner Bechly & Commissioner Brown.

2000 Statutory Holidays

Statement of Policy | Decision

Application by AWU for a Statement of Policy pursuant to s 300 of the said Act Re: Statutory Holidays.
B201 of 1998
President Hall, Deputy President Bloomfield and Commissioner Bechly

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