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Forms of
The Industrial Court of Queensland
Queensland Industrial Relations Commission
The Industrial Registrar


Industrial Relations Act 2016
Industrial Relations (Tribunals) Rules 2011

General Approved Forms
Certified Agreements Forms
Industrial Organisations Forms

Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003

Form for Appeals against Workers' Compensation Regulator review decisions

Work Health and Safety Act 2011

Forms for applications under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011

Anti-Discrimination Act 1991

Forms for applications under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991

Public Service Act 2008

Notice to appeal decisions affecting public service officers

General Instructions


Industrial Relations Act 2016

General Approved Forms

Form Name

Form 1 - Parties list [pdf]
Form 1 - Parties list [word]

Form 2 - Application to Queensland Industrial Relations Commission - non-chapter 12 approved form

Form 2A - Application to Industrial Court of Queensland - non-chapter 12 approved form

Form 3 - Amended application

Form 4 - Application in existing proceedings

Form 5 - Application to appeal

Form 6 - Application to appeal to full bench

Form 7 - Notice of appeal

Form 8 - Application for stay

Form 10 - Notice of industrial dispute Information sheet

Form 11 - Notice to show cause

Form 12 - Application for reinstatement

Form 12A - Employer response to application for reinstatement

Form 13 - Application for payment instead of taking long service leave Instructions for completion of Form 13

Form 14 - Application for proportionate payment of long service leave

Form 15 - Application to recover unpaid wages, superannuation contributions etc Information Sheet

Form 16 - Wages attachment notice

Form 17 - Discharge by employee for payment received

Form 18 - Application for order for repayment of fee received by a private employment agent

Form 19 - Affidavit of service

Form 20 - Affidavit [pdf]
Form 20 - Affidavit [word]

Form 21 - Certificate of exhibit to affidavit

Form 22 - Response and counter claim

Form 23 - List of documents [pdf]
Form 23 - List of documents [word]

Form 24 - Notice to admit facts

Form 25 - Notice to admit documents

Form 27 - Request to discontinue application

Form 29 - Notice of non-party disclosure

Form 31 - Certificate of lawyer under rule 64D 

Form 32 - Request for attendance notice

Form 32A - Attendance notice to give evidence

Form 32B - Attendance notice to produce

Form 32C - Attendance notice for production and to give evidence 

Form 33 - Notice of appointment of agent

Form 34 - Lawyer's notice of address for service

Form 35 - Notice of withdrawal of appointment of lawyer or agent

Form 36 - Notice of change of lawyer or agent

Form 37 - Notice of change of address for service

Form 53 - Certificate of amount to be paid under order

Form 68 - Application for a claim before an industrial magistrate

Form 69 - Warrant of commitment where punishment is by imprisonment

Form 76 - Application for student's work permit

Form 77 - Student's work permit

Form 78 - Application for aged or infirm person's permit

Form 79 - Notice of hearing of application by person who is aged or infirm

Form 80 - Aged or infirm person's permit

Form 81 - Notice of objection to proposed declaration 

Form 82 - Application for an order to stop bullying

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Certified Agreement Forms

Form Name

Form 38 - Advice of intention to begin negotiations for a project agreement

Form 39 - Notice to be a party to a project agreement

Form 40 - Application for certificate as to requested representation

Form 41 - Certificate as to requested representation

Form 42 - Application for certificate of cessation of requirement in section 171(4)

Form 43 - Certificate of cessation of requirement under section 171(4)

Form 44 - Request for help to make certified agreement

Form 46 - Application for certification of agreement

Form 47 - Application for decision about designated award for a certified agreement

Form 48 - Application to extend nominal expiry date of bargaining instrument

Form 49 - Application to amend bargaining instrument

Form 50 - Notice of intention to terminate certified agreement or arbitration determination

Form 51 - Application for approval to terminate certified agreement or arbitration determination

Form 52 - Application for approval to engage in industrial action

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Industrial Organisations - Chapter 12 Forms

Form Name

Form 54 - Application for issue of an authority

Form 56 - Application to Queensland Industrial Relations Commission - chapter 12 approved form

Form 57 - Application to Queensland Industrial Relations Commission - non-chapter 12 approved form

Form 58 - Notice of objection

Form 59 - Response to objection

Form 60 - Notice of objection for amalgamations and ballot exemptions

Form 61 - Statement answering notice of objection

Form 62 - Notice of withdrawal of application

Form 63 - Ballot paper

Form 64 - Certificate of registration

Form 65 - Prescribed information for Industrial Registrar to arrange for conduct of elections

Form 66 - Register of officers of an [employer] [employee] organisation

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Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003

Form - Appeals against Workers' Compensation Regulator review decisions

Form Name

Form 9 - WCR notice of appeal - Information on the appeals process

Form 9A - Appellant's statement of facts and contentions psychiatric and/or psychological injuries

Form 9B - Appellant's statement of facts and contentions physical and/or psychiatric/psychological secondary injuries

Form 9C - Respondent's statement of facts and contentions

Form 67- IM notice of appeal

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Work Health and Safety Act 2011


Form Name

Form 70 - Application for issue of a WHS entry permit

Form 71 - Application to revoke WHS entry permit
Form 72 - WHS show cause notice
Form 73 - Application to deal with a dispute about right of entry
Form 73A - Notice of WHS dispute
Form 73B - Application for review
Form 74 - Application for WHS review

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Anti-Discrimination Act 1991


Form Name

Form 83 - Application for exemption or renewal of exemption

Form 84 - Application for an order protecting complainant's interests

Form 85 - Referral of a matter

Form 85A - Complainant's statement of facts and contentions

Form 85B - Response to the complainant's statement of facts and contentions

Form 86 - Application for review of commissioner's decision

Form 87 - Request to file agreement

Public Service Act 2008

Public Service Appeals

Form Name

Form 88 - Appeal notice - Public Service Act 2008 Information on the appeals process

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Last updated 27 April 2018